Sober Living in Fort Worth

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Why ASIC Recovery Sober Living?

Our sober living in Fort Worth provides unmatched accountability and support compared to other sober living facilities in Dallas-Fort Worth. Client is assigned to a recovery coach to help guide them as they are learning to acclimate to a new life of recovery and healthy living.

Residence are required to participate in 12-step meetings, outpatient treatment program, and remain alcohol and drug free while living at the sober living house. Our home has full-size beds, instead of single or bunk beds like most other facilities. We provide food supplies for each client in our program and random drug srceenings for accountability. It is important to have a safe and supportive living environment for people recovering from substance abuse.

Our transitional home has years of experience with helping individuals achieve success with long term recovery and life transitions. Our focus has always been client centered and to cultivate new behaviors that are conducive for sobriety. Recovery is not just about staying sober, its about making the necessary changes with one's mind, spirit and behavior, that create positive success for their sobriety.

The average client stay in our sober living home is between 90-180 days. During their say, they learn life skills, develop healthy relationships with others, and learn what it looks like to hold themselves and others accountable in a healthy ways. Our goal at ASIC Recovery is long-term sobriety.

Family is important for each client in their sobriety journey. At ASIC Recovery Services we provide weekly check-ins with our supporting family. Our case managers and counselors are available to help with setting bounderies, what support can look like, and weekly progress updates. We want to help you on your way to recovery.

Our Program and Amenities:


"While not wanting to go to a sober living house when I started my sobriety journey, I’m beyond thankful and filled with gratitude about my experience. Chris and George were just what I needed to help keep me accountable. I ended up learning many life lessons and a way to live sober and grateful with others living in the house during my time there. I met with Chris weekly and was challenged at each meeting to reach for a more productive happy sober life.When it comes to the others in the house, we developed a way of living that was real, supportive, caring, and comfortable. Friendships that I never dreamed of began there.  We’d hangout with one another or go do things together. I developed friendships that I didn’t expect. I’m a better man for having had this experience. I would recommend without any reservation the group at ASIC Recovery. I would even go so far as to say, I’m sober today from the life lessons, support, and counsel that I received from both Chris and George."

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Andy H.

"ASIC sober living has definitely helped me change my life.  Coming from Kerrvile, and Origins, I thought I knew what recovery was about. Little did I know.ASIC sober living is the only place I’ve been where I was content and wasn’t wanting to leave every day. Chris’s recovery coaching was what I needed. When I relapsed, instead of getting kicked out, Chris and George helped me find a counselor and do more in depth work and now I have over a year of sobriety.   Since I’ve been in this house, I’ve gotten my associates degree, fellowshipped with plenty of guys, bought a car, have money and am able to be of service to those that need it.I no longer have the mental obsession to get High or drunk and am honestly living a life I never thought I was able to live.These guys really want to help, instead of make a profit. I’ve never had a house owner take his residents out to eat/ provide food. Or even talk with you like Chris does."

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Logan M.
R Stars

"Moving into ASIC Recovery has been the best decision of my life. It is a place that truly feels like home to me with everything that I needed early on in Sobriety. It has helped me get back to basics as far as structure, chores and accountability. As a result from being at ASIC (as well as my higher power) I have gone from being jobless, homeless and not many people calling my phone.. to An assistant management job, a car and more friends than I can count.This place was a God send for me and for that i am incredibily grateful and going on my 6th month of living here.Thank you Chris and George, this place wouldn't be what it is without you guys."

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Forrest W.