Sober Living in Fort Worth, Tx

A Structured & Safe Environment For Sobriety

ASIC Recovery Sober Living Main Room

Why ASIC Recovery Sober Living?

Our approach with accountability through the services we provide, and the affordability of our facility, are unmatched by any other sober living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Each client is assigned to a recovery coach to help guide them as they are learning to acclimate to a new life of recovery and healthy living. Our home has full-size beds, instead of singles or bunk beds like others facilities have. We provide basic food supplies for each client in our program and random drug srceening for accountability.

Our sober living in Fort Worth has years of experience with helping individuals achieve success with recovery life transitions. Our focus has always been client centered and to cultivate new behaviors that are conducive for recovery. Recovery is not just about staying sober, its about making the necessary changes with one's mind, spirit and behavior, that create positive success for long-term sobriety.

Our average client stay in our sober living is between 90-180 days. During their say, they learn life skills, develop healthy relationships with others, and learn what it looks like to hold others accountable in a healthy way. Having a psychiatrist on staff, we can effectively treat and help mange clients who are on medication or my find themselves needing assistance with medication while at our facility. We also have an option to add counseling with our master-level clinician for more support. Our goal at ASIC Recovery is long-term sobriety. Let us help you on the way.