Being sober is not just about being free from alcohol and drugs — it’s a lifestyle. In fact, sobriety is becoming a popular trend for people who don’t even have addiction issues.

Many who aren’t sober think that being sober would be boring and mundane. Then there are those who are currently sober and also think their life is boring and mundane.

When you are active in your addiction, your life is reduced to getting high and finding ways to continue getting high. It may start off fun, but by the end, it’s an awful existence. So being sober must be better, right?

Being sober is all about perception. Honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness are the guiding principles for meaningful sobriety, particularly open-mindedness. Being sober means trying new things and revisiting old passions.

Here are some aspects of being sober that will add meaning and depth to your life.

Being Sober and Meditation

You don’t have to be religious to try out meditation. Meditation is a great way to start your day. There are so many different forms of meditation that focus on deep breathing. When you get more oxygen to your brain, you tend to think more clearly.

Most sober addicts have an overactive mind. Meditation helps slow it down. There are websites and apps that make up a treasure trove of meditation resources.

Learning different meditation techniques can be a fun journey to embark on. Consider going on a meditation retreat. Many sober addicts read daily inspirational literature as a part of their mediation practice in the morning. It’s a key aspect of sobriety that’s happy, joyous, and free.


As stated above, sobriety is becoming increasingly popular among addicts and non-addicts alike. Recovery meetings such as SMART Recovery and Alcoholics Anonymous are great places to start.

Recovery groups and meetings are much more than the actual meetings themselves. The fellowship aspect is just as important as the meetings. Many groups have cook-outs, game nights, bowling tournaments, and holiday gatherings. There are also events for single people in sobriety.

Active addiction isolates an addict and cuts them off from meaningful relationships. Being sober allows you to feel a connection with others once more. If there are sober events lacking in your community, then take the lead and start some with your sober friends.

Being Sober and Finding Your Passion

Maybe before you became addicted to substances you had things you were passionate about. Being sober gives you the opportunity to create the life you truly want. Take time to get that guitar out of its case or paintbrushes out of the closet.

Art is a great way to express yourself in sobriety. Emotions that were stuffed down during active addiction come to the surface in sobriety.

Sometimes these emotions can be hard to identify, let alone express. When you engage your mind in something creative, you give your emotions a positive avenue to come through.

Addicts and alcoholics are extremely intelligent and talented. Find talent shows for people in recovery. That way you can meet other sober people to get creative with. The sky’s the limit if you accept the gift of sobriety with open arms.


Start a daily journal and take it with you during your day. You write about how you feel, and it will help to identify those emotions. You can celebrate the small stuff which actually turns out to be the BIG stuff.

Maybe one day you realize that you haven’t thought about drinking or using drugs in weeks! You can look back through your journal to see the struggles you’ve had and how you overcame them.

Meaningful sobriety and gratitude go hand in hand. Fill your journal with gratitude lists. There is so much to be grateful for now that you are sober. If you have a grateful heart you’ll have peace within.


Depression and anxiety can come with getting and being sober. Drugs and alcohol have a negative impact on the brain’s neurotransmitters, and this can cause anxiety and depression.

Join a local gym and schedule weekly time to go workout, even if that’s just walking on the treadmill. Working out will release endorphins that will make you feel better and increase your mood. It’s also a way to get anxious energy out that may have been pent up.

Working out is a self-care activity. You are showing your body love and giving it the care it needs. Active addiction causes so much damage to the body. Being sober gives you the chance to be healthy.

Helping Others

One of the greatest aspects of being sober is the ability to help others. Release from active addiction is truly a gift. You can be a light for people in need. You can go to an inpatient treatment center and ask if you can bring a recovery meeting to the patients.

No one can relate to an addict better than another addict.

When someone gets out of rehab, you can help them get plugged into a good meeting. You can give them rides to meetings, help them find a job, take them around to make some 9th step amends, etc.

Helping other addicts will help you stay sober.

However, your helpfulness doesn’t have to be limited to addicts in recovery. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or find a non-profit organization to volunteer at.

Healing Relationships

Being sober allows the people you love a chance to be a part of your life again. You can go over to their house, and they no longer feel like they have to hide their valuables or prescriptions from you.

They let you take care of their pets while they are out of town on vacation. Holiday dinners will feel whole once again with your presence.

Addiction disconnects us from the ones we care about most. Being sober restores that connection.

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