Get The Help Your Loved One Needs

Our experts at ASIC Recovery provide interventions for addicts and alcoholics who may be unwilling to participate in treatment. The truth about this can be a difficult thing to hear. Most addicts and alcoholics live in a delusional state around their behaviors. Drugs and alcohol become the answer for everything and using them are the only way they know how to cope with life. They celebrate with substance abuse and feelings of disappointment the exact same way.

Hearing about the truth on how their drug and alcohol use is affecting themselves and others can be a very painful experience. When this message is delivered by family and friends on their own, the substance abuser will often lash out and point fingers at their loved ones. It can be hard to have boundaries when a loved one is speaking and acting irrationally.

This is why having our staff present to keep the conversation on a better track, and the focus on the addict’s behaviors. This is important. We hold a non-judgmental mirror up to the addict or alcoholic so they can see themselves as what they are, a sick person who needs to get well, not a bad person who needs help learning to be good.

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) reports that interventions involving a trained professional result in the addict agreeing to go to treatment in over 90% of the cases. Contact us today to inquire about an intervention for your loved one.