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Our ASIC Recovery Team

   At ASIC Recovery we believe that a new way of life is attainable for all people suffering from alcohol and substance use disorders by actively working a 12-Step program while receiving other individualized support. Our programs are designed to provide men and women new to sobriety with the accountability, structure, compassion, and support that they need to confront and change old behaviors.  All clients have the opportunity to take an individualized path towards self-actualization, and build a life that is truly worth living. We are trained to support you through your new journey in life.

Administrative & Clinical Team

Founder & CEO ASIC Recovery Services
Chris Wilson, LCDCI, NCRC II,
Owner & Founder, Counselor and Life Coach

Chris Wilson is the founder, owner, and operator of ASIC Recovery Services. He started ASIC Recovery Services because he believes that sobriety is a gift that is best experienced when it is shared with others. With members of his family who struggle with addiction, and having once been a chronic relapser himself, his greatest desire in the treatment industry is to help others in need. He interacts with all our clients while sharing his experience. Chris is an Internationally Certified Mental Health Coach, Nationally Certified level 2 Recovery Coach, Nationally Certified Trauma Coach, and a Nationally Certified Intervention Professional. He is also a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor Intern.

Dr. Casey Green
Casey Green, MD

Medical Director

Casey Green, M.D. received his medical doctorate from the University of Texas Medical Branch and completed his psychiatry residency at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, TX. Dr. Green is a member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and double board certified in addiction medicine and psychiatry. He believes in a holistic approach to treatment that focuses on the biology, interpersonal, and spiritual aspects of drug and alcohol treatment.

Cristal Clark, LPC-S
Cristal Clark, MA, LPC-S, NBCC,
Clinical Director

Cristal Clark, a master’s level Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, Nationally Board Certified Counselor, The Substance Abuse Professional (SAP), and a Certified Employee Assistance Professional who graduated from Liberty University in 2011.  She has worked in the behavioral and mental health field for over 12 years and has a passion for helping others. She has been clinical director and CEO of a 200 plus bed facility, PHP and IOP with experience managing a team of counselors, individual/group/and family therapy, and coordinating continuum of care. Cristal is trained in EMDR and certified in non-violent intervention. She is a member of American Counseling Association and American Association of Christian Counselors.

Josh Reed LCDC
Josh Reed

Therapist & Alumni Coordinator

Joshua Reed, LCDC graduated at the University of North Texas in 2015 and became a Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor.  Since that time Josh has been in the addiction field working both inpatient and outpatient. Josh has experience and is well versed in several treatment modalities for addiction and mental health and has been an active member of a 12-step program since 2011. He is currently pursuing His master's degree to become an LPC. Wellness, CBT, DBT, and Solution Focussed therapies are his main focusses for treatment modalities. Josh is also a Nationally Certified Intervention Professional. He is talented and passionate at delivering clients the tools to start their recovery experience.

Therapist Joann C with ASIC Recovery Services
Joann Chevaillier

Therapist Intern Supervised by Cristal Clark LPC-S

Joann is a master’s level intern clinician, and she is continuingher education at Walden University. Joann previously worked for My Health MyResources (MHMR) of Tarrant County as part of the Assertive Community Treatment(ACT) team. In her role she connected people with resources and found herpassion to sit with someone in the moment while working through life’schallenges. For Joann’s internship she has joined ASIC Counseling Services& ASIC Recovery’s outpatient treatment team to develop her skills workingin the field of recovery and wellness. Joann believes that life can bedifficult, and people sometimes need someone to walk with them, teaching themtools and coping skills to handle life’s challenges.

Jade H with ASIC Recovery
Jade Hajovsky

Therapist Intern Supervised by Cristal Clark LPC-S

Jade is an intern clinician and enrolled in the University of North Texas at Dallas finishing up her master's degree in counseling. In 2021, she graduated from the University of North Texas at Denton with a bachelor's degree in Psychology. She believes every individual has the capability to achieve their highest potential when provided with the right relationship and healthy coping tools to work through periods of recurring issues. Jade celebrates over three years of sobriety and feels passionate about working with clients in recovery, teaching that it's possible to live a purposeful life after addiction.

Madison ASIC Recovery Services
Madison Thomas

Therapist Intern Supervised by Cristal Clark LPC-S

Madison Thomas is a master level substance abuse clinicaian who received her degree, in 2023, for Christian counseling, substance abuse and addictive disorders at Grand Canyon University. In 2020, Madison graduated from the University of Oklahoma with her bachelor’s degree inclinical psychology. She is also a registered behavioral therapist (RBT) offering behavioral therapy (ABA) for children on the Autism Spectrum. Madison believes each patient holds the power in transforming themselves and finding their purpose. Her approach is specific and internal. Everyindividual’s addiction is specific to them so, finding in each person what motivatesthem for positive change can be the turning point in every person’s recovery journey.

Calder ASIC Recovery Services
Abra Wessels
Office Manager & Admissions

Abra Wessels has worked in the medical field for over 16 years, she has advanced her skills and knowledge allowing her to take on roles such as surgical assistant, medical biller, and office manager. Recovery is an important part in Abra’s life as she has personally assisted families and many friends through their addiction, and into long term recovery. Her journey into chemical dependency began as a case manager, helping clients and families and assisting clients in obtaining the necessary program services and skills needed to achieve and maintain recovery, this combined with her experience, integrity, ethics and compassion among other qualities make her a valuable team member.

Lizzie Butler
Lizzie Butler, LCDCI, NCIP
Director of Business Development

Lizzie has been working in the substance abuse treatment industry for over 5 years with positions ranging from direct care, admissions, to outpatient. She discovered her passion for helping people both personally and professionally after going to treatment herself over 5 years ago. Lizzie is currently a LCDC intern with goals to one day also become a LPC.

House Manager ASIC Recovery Sober Living
Jordan Robinson
Sober Living House Manager

Jordan began his journey with ASIC Recovery as an addict seeking a new path and way of life, a means to recover from his own addiction. In this pursuit, he worked his own 12-step program while living in our sober living home. Equipped with his personal experiences from active addiction and the lessons learned while reconstructing his life during his time in the home, Jordan is now part of the ASIC Recovery staff as the House Manager. He has also returned to school, pursuing his degree in Data Analytics and Professional Certification in DevOps Software Engineering.

Johannes ASIC Recovery
Johannes Walker
Assistant House Manager
Johannes came to ASIC Recovery to recover from his addiction, and has continnued his journey as part of the ASIC Recovery staff. Understanding what addiction is like, he has a heart to help others who have experienced the disease of addiction. Johannes is a licensed attorney who sees himself as semi-retired from the practice of law and possesses a unique understanding of the troubles often associated with alcoholism. Johannes firmly believes in the 12-step approach to recovery and wants others to know how to apply the same principles to change their own lives. Johannes still assists other attorneys if the cases are unique, but he is currently dedicated to giving back to a community that he reflects upon as having changed his life immensely for the better.

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